Thursday, May 24, 2012

To Perros-Guirec, and Le Gouffre

Today we transferred to yet another hotel, in another seaside resort town, Perros-Guirec.

Marian booked a relatively cheap rate but the room, although small, overlooks the yacht harbor and has the best shower we've found outside of Paris so far.

Marian checks over tomorrow's plan at her desk overlooking the boats.

On the way our only planned stop was to see "the best-known photographic image of Brittany," according to the guidebook, the cottage at Le Gouffre de Plougrescant.

Google Images will show you many very similar pics, but this one is ours. Click it to admire.

Here is the house in a wider context.

Apparently this house's picture was used in advertising campaigns without the permission of its owners, who subsequently won a large financial settlement as a result.

The guidebook was correct that the surrounding nature preserve offers many attractive short walks. We walked among the stones along the sea on a lovely day and took pictures of the natural flower gardens.




Then we got our pique-nique supplies from the car and ate lunch at one of the small beaches with only seagulls and a distant cuckoo for company.

Further down the road, we found an amusing sign.

And finally we realized it was warm enough for David to remove the sweater he's been wearing every day so far, and Marian the coat that she's also had on almost every day.

Take my picture, she said, so there's proof I'm not always in a brown jacket.

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