Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lampaul-Guimiliau Enclosure and Roc-Trévezel

Five minutes down a green lane to Lampaul-Guimiliau. Its spire was truncated by a lightning strike in 1809.


We liked the carved wooden door on the ossuary.


The calvary here was pretty basic. But inside, it had a carved and painted baldacchino on the baptistry,


..and carved cross-beams and light color making an airy feel to the nave.


Carved beam detail.

Here we meet another frequent element, the Rood Beam, a cross-beam with a crucifix and other figures, at the boundary between altar and congregation.


Now we headed down some typical French secondary roads,


To a noted high point.

380 meters high, but only about a 30-meter climb from here.

Supposedly could see to Morlaix and beyond. Maybe.

Here we lunched in the car and then carried on down the road.

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