Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Evening Out

Sunday, 29 April

Marian had spotted posters for concerts being held in Sainte-Chapelle, the private gothic chapel of the French kings. And Thursday or Friday (the days are running together) we found where to get tickets and bought two, for 8:30, excuse us, 20:30 Sunday night.

We left home in good time planning to find supper somewhere near the place. This brought us to strolling across the Seine in late afternoon.

We found an adequate supper at a tourist-oriented café and at the appointed time joined the queue to get in. Saint-Chapelle is a small building with one side up against a big administrative building. The exposed side is covered in scaffolding so we don't know what it looks like. But inside it is very pointy-gothic and almost all stained glass.

Looking up above the altar area.

Looking up on the West side.

The music was Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The musicians included a lead violinist, who played with a great deal of bravura and showmanship, three second violins, a harpsichord, viola, and bass viol. The acoustics of the place were such that the bass came through very well, and a lot of the music seemed like a duet between the lead violin and the bass. The harpsichord was almost inaudible, perhaps because it was at the back of the stage under an overhang. Anyway, it's a pleasant piece and they performed it well.

Lead violin and two, uh, rhythm violins? Under Gothic altar canopy.

Band takes a bow at the end. Better view of altar gingerbread.

Afterward we had dessert at a cafe before taking the bus home.

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