Friday, May 4, 2012

The Eiffel Tower by Night

We went out for supper at a neighborhood restaurant. It's quite popular and we were sandwiched in among many others. Not wanting to be rude we stole a quick shot to give the feel of supper along Rue Mouff'.

It was a lovely evening — sunny and clear, almost balmy at 7:30. So after dining, we took the metro back to Bir Hakeim bridge from where we got the fine portrait of the Eiffel Tower, arriving just after sundown as the Tower was beginning to light up.

You will enjoy clicking through on all these.

We walked toward the base of the tower and got a closer shot,

And this shot which seems to convey the simultaneous strength and grace of the design.

Shortly after, on the hour, the Tower began to sparkle all over with strobe lights. We made several tries at capturing this with still photos and then made a brief video instead.

You can hear a lot of excited French (mostly, may be other languages too) tourists, and you can hear David directing himself ("sloooow pan"). Cinema verité.

We hung around a while, not sure when the sparkles would come back. Waiting we noticed that there is a rotating searchlight beam.

The sparkles didn't come back at 10:20 or 10:30 so we walked to a different metro station and headed home.

Oh! While waiting to see if the sparkles would repeat we got another English-speaking couple to take our picture. See it above, below the heading.

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  1. Very clever to pan the sparkles. How beautiful. We were lucky to be there on Bastille Day and saw fireworks, but not the sparkles. Lol