Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slow transit to Morlaix

Today we really proved our skill as flaneurs: we ambled, we idled, we dawdled and fooled around and turned a one-hour transit from Perros-Guirec to Morlaix into a 4-hour tour, then went off for more.

This coastline is full of little harbors each with its little resort village. No more pink granite, but on a sunny Sunday morning it's all very pretty indeed.




One thing we dawdled over was trying to get a good shot of an artichoke field, of which there are many.

Every green strip is an artichoke field.


By the way, we've decided that we mis-read the artichoke seller's sign at the market in Paimpol. The were one Euro apiece, not seven. Also, we hadn't mentioned that they were about six inches in diameter. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to eat any – haven't yet seen them on any restaurant menu – what to they do with all of them?

Eventually we got to Morlaix in time for a late lunch and checked into our hotel, then went for more coast browsing up to Roscoff, where the main attraction is the Jardin Exotique, a botanical garden. We were kinda, ho-hum, seen botanical gardens (yawn) but this one was really well-done. Quite small but they had very cleverly run a complex of paths through it so you kept discovering things. Many of the plants we had seen before, like the King Protea we last saw in the Auckland botanical garden.


This place had a speciality of Echium, the plants that you see in California coastal gardens as "Tower of Jewels." We'd seen these in gardens on Île de Bréhat but here they had them in several varieties. Turns out they are from the Canary Islands.


For all it was a dawdlin' day we got in late and tired, so we'll cut it off here. Tomorrow we look around this town of Morlaix, which is surprisingly and dramatically picturesque. Had no idea.

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