Monday, April 16, 2012

Short-timer syndrome

So, it's Monday. We leave Thursday afternoon. Packing will take, oooooh, maybe 2 hours Thursday morning? Plus an hour to obsess about what we forgot to pack.

So, there's Monday, there's Tuesday, there's Wednesday... a yawning gap of 72 hours during which we can't start anything because we are about to shut up the house and live on the road for two months.

Actually there are a few things on the calendar. Monday afternoon, meet with the contractor to plan the garden redo that starts the day after we get back. Wednesday evening, the Stanford basketball awards dinner.

Finish the half-read book that's too heavy to pack, so you don't spend 8 weeks wondering how it comes out.

Yup, there's that. And, try to think of something else to make a blog post about.

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