Friday, April 6, 2012

Le Cahier Mauve est complet

We plan trips in advance. Oh, we plan the heck out of them. We decide what towns to visit; we make notes on what attractions to see, what walks and drives to take; we book hotels and train rides; we make Google maps and print them out.

And all the notes and printouts of emails and maps and reservations go into a binder, the Purple Binder.

We used the same Purple Binder on the New Zealand trip.

We used it on the Germany trip!

And now, all the planning is done and the Purple Binder (or as we call it on this trip, le cahier mauve) is once again complete and stuffed full of plans, reservation printouts, and maps. Ninety percent of le cahier mauve is Marian's work. Note how the material is organized by towns, with a thumb tab for each town? David did the Paris segment.

Ah, the aroma of fresh planning...

Like almost all pictures that appear in this blog, the photo above is a link to a much larger version. Click the pic to see it larger! The red spot on the Metro map? Our address while staying in Paris!

The plan is ready; all that remains is to execute it—which we will begin to do two weeks from today!

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