Monday, April 16, 2012

Google Translate

How did we ever plan trips before the intertubes? During the planning phases we naturally had to look at French websites, and we can read a bit, but vocabulary typically runs out just when things are getting interesting. But no problem.

You see some text in French, you just drag over it, Edit > Copy, go to Google Translate, Edit > Paste, and there's your answer.

Try it now by copy-pasting the caption under out picture, there ---->>>.

Hover the mouse over each word of the translation. If it turns yellow, click for a drop-down list of alternate translations. Also, an interesting thing, change the initial letter of "Flâneurs" from capital to lowercase—the translation changes! Bug, or feature?

Or if it's a web page in French, like this one, just drop the URL into the box and read the page in english instead.

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